• Marcus Nelson

    Brand Marketing Executive • Message Development • Brand Positioning
    Product Marketing • Employer Branding • Corporate Communications • Press Relations

    Killer Silicon Valley instincts paired with Midwestern-nice

  • I'm a proven creative executive and brand marketer, but never forgot my hard-working down-to-earth values. I offer pragmatic marketing principles, an entrepreneurial spirit with outstanding brand and marketing communications experience, as well as an extensive network of press relations, influencers, and event organizers.


    One would also discover the following about me:

    • Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire teams

    • Expert strategic planning with a proven track record
    • Passionate focus on storyline & content creation

    • Emphasis on maximizing customer experiences


    – And I also happen to make award winning chili.

    Marketing Leadership Success

    Product Marketing – Led multiple product campaigns for Salesforce and customer events, including SMB offerings, Chatter, and Salesforce blogs. Also launched brands; Addvocate, UserVoice, and Faraday Future.

    Corporate Messaging – Wrote release and delivered press briefings as company spokesperson resulting in $335 Million of incentives for new Nevada factory through a tactical communication strategy

    Brand Launch Pitched MotorTrend to break Faraday Future story taking company out of stealth mode; story became top 5% of all-time articles, and was further published to 1.2 Million readers

    Crisis Management – Wrote Salesforce’s company-wide crisis escalation plan, event agreement terms & conditions, employee social media policy, and training program encouraging employee participation & engagement

    Product Design Redesigned Salesforce SMB landing page increasing lead conversion by 1400%

    Content Marketing Established content marketing process, asset creation, calendaring systems, and led re-design of Salesforce’s blog and content strategy resulting in an immediate 800+% boost in traffic

    Revenue Growth – Established UserVoice’s competitive pricing structure to grow revenue from zero to $50,000 in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) in first 6 months via monthly subscription and annual enterprise licenses

    Brand Analysis – Strategized and delivered naming concepts for Faraday Future and vehicle line, included negotiation and acquisition of new domain purchase – saving company $400,000

    Honors and Awards

    • United States Patent US20130018893: Method and System for Determining a User’s Brand Influence
    • Named as United Nations Foundation 70 Digital Influencers, 2015
    • Named SAP’s Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers on Twitter, 2013
    • Addvocate named The 12 Best New Social Media Tools from 2012
    • Led Super Bowl Commercial social media marketing for Salesforce, with 22 agents, 2 continents, 13,000 tweets and FB posts

    Marketing Expertise

    • Brand Messaging, Tone & Voice
    • Brand Positioning
    • Product Marketing 
    • Value Proposition
    • Content Marketing
    • Corporate Messaging
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Behavioral Targeting
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Mobile Marketing & Retargeting
    • SEO / SEM Tool Development
    • Website Analytics & Optimization
    • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
    • Landing Page Optimization
    • CMS | CRM | eCommerce | Email Integration
    • Multivariate & A/B Landing Page Testing
  • Professional Experience

    "You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."

    ~ Henry Ford

    Full Nelson Marketing Consultant Branding Strategy Positioning

    Full Nelson Marketing

    Brand & Product Marketing Consultant

    2014 – Present

    Clients: Salesforce, Box, Pagely, QuanticMind, Scorch Agency, Optimizely, Intertrust Technologies, Medstar, Infrastructure Energy.

    Companies hire me as a Virtual Chief Marketer to help out with very specific projects, such as branding, go-to-market strategy, messaging, presentations, social media strategy & planning, content marketing, investor pitches, lead generation, and product marketing & positioning.


    Some recent projects:

    • Craft branding tone and voice for new & existing companies
    • Wrote up CMO go-to-market strategy for content marketing initiative to garner new leads
    • Rewrote and branded marketing-in-a-box collateral for mulit-million dollar partner marketing and value added reseller (VAR) engagement 
    • Planned digital and social integrated marketing plan for creative content agency
    • Designed strategy and resource planning around social, content & influencer marketing campaigns
    • Wrote pitches for fundraising, press & launch events
    • Advised direction of product, and market fit, directly influencing prioritization of new feature builds
    • Business development and introductions to customers and/or investors


    Head of Corporate Communications

    2015 – 2015

    Spearheaded cross-functional marketing and communications initiatives for California-based electric vehicle and technology company with a specific vision: clean, connected, and smart mobility.

    • Piloted media relations as company spokesperson across business, technology, and automotive publications
    • Pitched MotorTrend to break company story taking company out of stealth mode; story received 800k impressions online & 1.2MM print, and 170+ follow on write-ups in other international publications
    • Wrote company story, brand standards, tone and voice, public relations, and social policies
    • Strategized and delivered brand analysis to affect ongoing naming concepts for Faraday Future and vehicle line, included negotiation and acquisition of new FF.com domain purchase
    • Garnered and secured $335 million of government tax credits through tactical message development and comms strategy
    • Executed digital communications strategy, launched new global website, and created standards and policies for Press Relations and social media platforms; including Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, & Twitter accounts

    CEO / Founder 

    2012 – 2014

    Founded an enterprise social media platform for employees to share social media on behalf of their employers and be recognized for their contributions, an employee advocacy service.

    • Crafted company story, contract negotiations, press and analyst relations, business development, financial and pricing models, partner development, and evangelism
    • Managed and collaborated with agency partners to create brand, marketing materials and content creation.
    • Personally closed deals after gaining traction with Oracle, ExactTarget, Vertical Response, UBM, and HTC
    • Raised $12.4 million in venture capital, led by Rogers Venture Partners leading to merger of TrapIt!

    Director of Product Marketing | Head of Social Media

    2009 – 2012

    Recruited for a key role in small business initiatives for Salesforce.com – Soon after demonstrated ability to affect change combined with strengths in social media marketing and content creation.

    • Founded Social Media department with five direct reports and 36 cross-functional global reports
    • Fueled transition to a robust and interactive social media community through executing strategies that initiated direct and proactive communication with customers rather than news broadcasting
    • Created customized B2B presentations such as Social 101 for
      Facebook, which had 44,000 views and Twitter for Business had 32,000 views
    • Achieved over 16,000 instructional YouTube video views per day, saving countless hours of Salesforce call center resources
    • Company spokesperson & evangelist at social media conferences.
    • Fostered partnerships with key technology companies, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, Klout, ExactTarget, WildFire, and numerous others

    Chief Marketing Officer | Business Development

    2008 – 2009

    Founded and launched new product category (SaaS) enabling companies to collect qualitative feedback from their customer community and provide quantitative analysis of that insight to improve product and brand innovation as well as increase user engagement.

    • Achieved revenue to cash flow positive 4 months after launch
    • Developed viral marketing strategy including Twitter Apps, Developer Communities, Open Source, and Non-Profit communities resulting in wide distribution, syndication, & recommendations driving sales for our key product
    • Established strategic alliances and product placement with Twitter app developers, which helped grow user base exponentially to 7,000 companies in less than six months
    • Designed site, logo, branding, & marketing collateral. Drove sales, business development, & public speaking
    • Initiated, negotiated, and closed sales opportunities with Microsoft, Deloitte, Facebook, Intuit, MTV, WhippleHill, Random House, Blackbaud, US Army, FEMA, Tweetdeck, Bit.ly, and Barclaycard

    Chief Marketing Officer

    2004 – 2008

    Launched design boutique specializing in developing striking communication visuals as well as community centric strategies around people, products, or causes.

    • Collaborated with multiple entities to create brand identities that resonated with audiences and built passionate followers for small businesses and new venture start-ups
    • Created and worked within style guides to drive brand consistency across all channels
    • Liaised with brand agencies to ensure creative is on-brand and supported production of final assets
    • Provided hands-on visual design support including layout alterations, color correction, creative and packaging
    • Client content updates and edits, including email marketing, social media, retail and website
  • My Motto

    "There is no point to collecting data unless you are willing and able to let it influence your decisions."

  • Skills

    "You know, like nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills. Girls only like guys who have great skills."

    ~ Napoleon Dynamite

    Brand Tone & Voice

    Employer Branding

    Corporate Messaging & Communications

    Product Marketing & Market Strategy

    Social Media Strategy

    Inbound & Content Marketing

    Business Development

    Press & Analyst Relations

    Website Funnel Optimization

    Email Marketing Automation

  • Education

    "Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten."

    ~ B. F. Skinner

    Rhema Bible Training Center

    Associate's Degree - Theology 1989 - 1991

  • References


    Ethan Parker

    Founder at Treble

    Over the course of my 15 year career, I have yet to come across a CEO who was more savvy in terms of dealing with multiple audiences - from Bloomberg to Fortune to VentureBeat - Marcus is always a consummate professional. This stems from Marcus' ability to connect with people on a human level, which is shockingly refreshing in the technology industry. I would not hesitate to recommend Marcus for any high-profile leadership position.

    Richard White

    Founder, CEO of UserVoice.com

    No one I've worked with builds and leverages relationships quite like Marcus. Marcus was a difference maker at UserVoice. His understanding of the value of personal relationships (both online and off) and ability to get "people to love us" lead to marquee customers, talented employees and even investment. He's a natural networker and spiders a conference much like a search engine would a website bringing back the valuable (social) assets to the team.

    In a world where everyone thinks they're a "social media guru", Marcus is the real deal. He authentically *gets* social media and what's it's about (hint: it's not about the number of friends or followers you have).

    Robin Daniels

    CMO @ Vera | Start-up Advisor

    Marcus has always been leading edge with his innovative thinking and unconventional approach to business problems. He finds creative ways to solve things that most people wouldn't even know how to approach. At Salesforce I saw Marcus time and again come up with fun ways to engage customers, try new things, and put Salesforce in a leadership position.

    Jeff Cortez

    Digital Marketing Professional

    Marcus and I worked on SMB and our then new product Chatter in the marketing department at Salesforce. Marcus brought great insight with a startup/scrappy perspective. That same attitude got him entrenched early as a social media thought leader in the company where he was able to carve out a role as the lead for social at a time when Salesforce and the industry was scratching the surface on do's and don'ts for big corporate entities. His sense of humor and willingness to roll up his sleeves to get the job done made him enjoyable to work with. I hope to cross paths again and do some amazing things again with him!

    Thomas McCleary

    Vice President, Strategic Product Partner Alliances at salesforce.com

    Marcus is a creative and energetic leader and a true asset to any team. I enjoyed collaborating with Marcus on a number of projects. I found his insights, ideas, and drive were critical in making our projects successful. I would happily work with Marcus again in the future.

    Mark Stanley

    VP, Web Marketing & Marketing Operations EMEA

    Marcus was key to salesforce.com's early focus on Social Media within the Marketing organisation. He was instrumental in driving the company's strategy of enabling every employee to be social advocates of our brand - in fact he developed such a passion for this that he went and built his own product and company around this idea! Marcus is incredibly driven, full of big ideas and a lot of fun to work with. I hope to work with him again in the future.

    Joe Chernov

    HubSpot Content Marketing Leader, B2B Blogger, Marketing Speaker, Startup Advisor

    Marcus' work at Salesforce was admired throughout the company's partner network, of which my employer, Eloqua, was a prominent member. We modeled much of our social strategy after the work Marcus had implemented at Salesforce. On a personal level, I was always impressed by how open and transparent he was, and, moreover, how accessible he was. Always one of my favorite collaborators.

    Caroline Dangson

    Senior Product Marketing Manager

    Marcus is a true champion for social media. Immediately after our first 15 minute meeting at a Silicon Valley conference, Marcus emailed me his own personal guide of how to get started using Twitter. It worked. Marcus sold me on using Twitter for business and I eventually moved on to covering social solutions as an analyst for IDC.

    Bruce Francis

    Messaging and Positioning, Communications Strategy

    I've been impressed by Marcus’s ability to empathize with customer & company needs across our social marketing messages, media and product -- and he labored endlessly to ensure these engagements were consistent, helpful and pure. He's been a true diplomat, connecting customers, marketers, employees and partners to a unified social vision that confidently put our brand's best foot forward.

    Rochelle Garner

    communication strategist

    Marcus is a true social media guru and visionary. He knows how companies need to organize themselves and incent their employees to promote brand awareness, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve that elusive goal of customer engagement. I'd say he's an evil genius of social media -- except he's anything but evil. He *is*, however, a genius.

    Rebecca Shaffer

    Corporate Communications Pro. Social Media Junkie. Cycling Enthusiast.

    Marcus is an excellent speaker. Ragan Communications hired him repeatedly as our attendees gained critical insights regarding content curation and engagement for internal communications. Marcus is one of Ragan’s highest-rated speakers. His subject matter expertise proved invaluable to our events. Not only is he a gifted speaker but he was a pleasure to work with, in fact, I looked forward to working with him each time.

    Amanda Vanderpool

    Digital Marketing Strategist, Conference Producer, CEO at Upwardly Social

    I recruited Marcus to speak at the Social Media Strategies Summit-LV while working as the Conference Producer for Global Strategic Management Institute. Marcus was without a doubt one of the best speaker's at the 3 day conference and received the highest ratings from attendee's. Aside from his charismatic public speaking skills, Marcus is a true expert in his field and I would consider him a pioneer in the digital media space.

    Gareth Llewellyn

    Owner at Artechulate Social Communications

    When it comes to Social Media Best Practice, Marcus is a "Light on the Hill" for me and his views on how Social Media should be executed, and the principles behind that, have guided and informed me like a beacon since we first started working together at Salesforce.com. He instinctively understands the power of Social and how it should best be harnessed and this is what underpins his authority. Furthermore, his entrepreneurial zeal is also an inspiration to me.

    BJ Cook

    CEO, Digital Operative // a full-service digital agency focused on strategic marketing and ecommerce

    Marcus gets it plain and simple. His experience goes back to '94 when you're talking about the web, so he's seen it all. Working with Marcus, I grew to appreciate his perspective on Uservoice and what it could do for brands that wanted to engage customers. He was the face for Uservoice and executed the role very well. If you heard or saw Uservoice; you saw Marcus. He's the true hybrid soldier in this industry - marketing + technology + business-minded ... I'd enjoy working with him anytime.

    Brian Shaler

    Data Visualizationist. I make stuff move with code.

    I admire Marcus for his intelligence, personality, passion for his work, and genuine caring for others. He is simultaneously an exceptional marketer, tactical salesman, and pragmatic strategist.

    Dawn DeVirgilio

    Global Manager, Email, Mobile & Social Marketing

    I've collaborated with Marcus during his days at Salesforce and Addvocate - and he has always been fantastic to work with and passionate about solving business problems. He's a great product marketer at heart, a huge proponent of the power of social media and a forward thinking digital strategist. I look forward to continue to work with Marcus - no matter his next venture.

    Nathan Freitas

    Product Marketing Director - Start-up Advisor

    Positivity and creativity are the two things that come to mind when I think of Marcus. I worked with him at Salesforce for about 2 years and during that time he showed me that he thinks outside of the box and comes up with unique solutions to problems. He's got an addiction to clean design, likes taking risks and working as a team. I've learned a lot from Marcus and he's inspired me to continue to grow and take calculated risks in my own career and life. I hope you truly get a chance to work with Marcus in the future!

    Michael Fauscette

    Group Vice President, Software Business Solutions, IDC

    Marcus is passionate, intelligent and business savvy. He has a deep understanding and vision around the use of social concepts and software to transform businesses. Marcus really "gets" the social enterprise.

    Chris Buehler

    Founder and CCO at SCORCH®

    Marcus and his team at Addvocate were great to work with. I appreciate the way he thinks about social media and his perspective is always on point. We were able to collaborate and developed some great content together for SXSW in a lightning fast turnaround. His professionalism and communication skills are top notch.

    Phil Novack

    Deputy Press Secretary, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) at United States Senate

    Marcus is a social & new media visionary with a killer entrepreneurial mindset and ability to pull the right people together to make things happen. He was one of the leading change agents who took salesforce.com's social strategy from a sleepy operation to *the* model for business engagement via social channels. Did I also mention he's amazing to work with and an all-around honorable, straightforward and stand-up guy? I learned quite a lot from Marcus during my years working with him and look forward to seeing the next great items on his list of accomplishments.

    Scott K. Wilder

    Experienced Digital Marketer (Marketo, Google, Intuit, Apple)

    Marcus has been a great thought partner and business partner for me and Intuit. Not only has he provided us with a great product, but also provided guidance on how to effectively leverage it. I highly recommend User Voice and Marcus!

    Francine Hardaway

    Advisor at StatSocial

    Marcus is an amazing brand builder, and a man who instinctively "gets" social. His entire philosophy is creating a "win-win" and being the kind of guy people want to engage with because they like him. He transfers his personal power to the brands with which he works, so he has to be careful to choose something in which he believes. He is a marketer in the classic sense of marketing -- he sees a need and fills it, rather than being interruptive. It's hard to believe any company wouldn't hire him.

    Kyle Lacy

    Head of Marketing Strategy in Venture Capital, Content Marketer, Digital Marketing Speaker, Author at Wiley and Pearson

    Marcus is the epitome of an amazing social and digital strategist. His work at Salesforce completely changed the landscape of social media influence and direction at the company.

    Thomas Knoll

    17+ years building online community, now helping brands compete on loyalty

    This man could sell anything to anyone, but he would never stand behind something he didn't honestly have a passion and excitement about. This is the kind of guy that could make a state trooper at the DMV laugh. Personally, he makes for a great friend. Professionally, you want him on your team because he makes business happen.

    AJ Vaynerchuk

    Co-Founder: VaynerMedia, GrapeStory. Partner: VaynerRSE

    Marcus was nothing short of fantastic to work with. His work ethic was OBVIOUS and his ability to communicate and facilitate was great. Above all else, and yes this sounds cheesy, I truly believe Marcus is a wonderful person and I consider him a friend.

    Richard Crowell

    Experienced Technology Sales Professional and Sales Consultant

    Marcus is a true visionary and an expert on how companies can leverage social technology. He's well known for his ability to take a concept, evangelize that to the right audience, and then build a product and even a company with that momentum. Marcus brought me on to the team at Addvocate to help start up the sales efforts and consult on the ongoing engagement. I really enjoyed working with Marcus and totally appreciate his advice and mentoring. I look forward to being on his team again in the future!

    Andrew Hyde

    Startup Week Founder at UP Global

    Marcus gets my seal of approval, one of the best sales / biz guys I know. Tireless worker, knows how to get it done and an amazingly nice guy to boot.

    I've seen him masterly work a conference. Everyone seems to know him, and love him.

    I've been on 2am calls with him beat tired from startup life with a joy in his voice.

    I've seen him courting investors, making all the right moves and closing the deal.

    That is his theme, close the deal. He gets it done.

    If anyone has questions I would be glad to answer them.

    Lorna Li

    CEO at Changemaker Digital: Marketing for Sustainable Brands, Social Entreprises, & B Corporations

    Marcus is one of the few people who truly "gets" social media at salesforce.com. It's hard to instigate change at a big company. Yet, Marcus is one of the few people tirelessly spearheading the transformation of the company into a truly "social" enterprise. It's been a pleasure to collaborate with Marcus on a number of social media & video projects. Not only is Marcus a web visionary - he that fun partner in crime that you want on your team.

    Andrew Ehrenfeld

    Consulting organizations to optimize Social Media

    In 2012, I met Marcus at Salesforce's Dreamforce event. His excellent breakout session provided data and information which ultimately changed the course of my career. Thank you, Marcus!

    Daniel Munz

    Deputy Assistant Director for Consumer Engagement at the CFPB

    The National Academy worked with Marcus to launch the UserVoice platform as part of our internal study methodology. He was extremely effective at marketing the product, truly taking the time to understand and answer our questions about it, and explain how it worked and could help us, rather than simply providing a standard sales pitch. He is obviously passionate about UserVoice, and that passion was a big asset for us in helping to convince senior political officials that using a tool like this was worth the potential risks. I would absolutely use the product again, and hope that I am able to work with Marcus and continue receiving the high quality of service that he consistently provided.

    Dr. Natalie Petouhoff

    Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Inc.

    I have a sweet spot for entrepreneurs... those brave souls who think different. Marcus is an amazing thinker and brilliant founder of UserVoice. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge in this new world... the wild, wild west of social media. He is a gem to work with and a pleasure to do business with.

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